I mean, I’m alive.

Hi. I’m Nikki, I am 19 years old and am currently a student at Oklahoma State University. I’m not exactly sure where I am wanting this website to go, but for now I’ll explain why I started it. Often times I feel like my words and emotions are completely trapped inside of my head and the idea that I can type them out and possibly have the chance of one person reading them makes it that much easier to deal with. Most people would word my next sentence with, “I suffer from,” but I will not. I am blessed with having bipolar depression, I have been diagnosed and treated so please, don’t try to feel sorry. The reason that I say that I am blessed with it is because although it can show the worst, most pathetic side of me, it also shows me how amazing it is to be alive. If you know me and if you’ve asked me how I’m doing, more than likely you’ve heard me say, “I’m alive.” Sometimes it means that I’m down and the only positive thing I can think of is that I am alive, but even at my peak, I’m alive.